An edgy brand of pop music, which sounds like droppin' a shot of Ed Sheeran into a David Guetta Jagerbomb!

Aussie Superstar, Ray Isaac, is an independent Pop Singer-Songwriter-DJ with intoxicating lyrics and an insanely energetic performance style. He has co-written and released music with Bob Sinclar (Number 1 on the Billboard Dance Charts and #23 on Italy Pop charts), Robbie Rivera, Chris Willis and more. 

Ray's debut single ‘I Don’t Give A Damn’ (Universal Ministry Of Sound) went to number 11 on the Aria charts. His next single “U Want or U Don’t” went to number 7 on the AIR Charts. His third single “Who I Am” an empowering ballad about being free and fighting for equality is used for AntiBully & Equality campaigns around the globe. Ray’s latest single ‘Travolta’ is a disco pop parody which was endorsed by John Travolta who said he 'is flattered' by the song!

Ray’s music Is featured in the mega dance film ‘Dancin’ Its On' written and directed by the original ‘West Side Story’ actor, David Winters. Released in 1000 theatres across the united States November 2015. Ray has also had music featured in movies and TV Shows on the CW channel and more.

When he’s not busy in the recording studio or performing at an exclusive function, Ray is investing his love as a Pop DJ, touring the worlds top bars and clubs. Ray acts up to the audience by seducing them with Pop/House remixes saturated with tribal undertones in brooding arrangements which hark back to the day of hands-in-the-air fanfare. 

“Whether on the stereo or on the dancefloor, my music is an expression of my whole being and it’s taken me a long time to let go of the fear of sharing it with the world,” Ray says.  “I hope that my experiences will help heal peoples scars and show them they are special and worthy of happiness.” 
His success is built on his ability to combine, as illustrated by Time Out Magazine, a brilliant ‘electro retro-pop’ vibe to ignite his audience into a frenzy. Soon the buzz surrounding Ray Isaac will become a roar!!